The Albany Housing Authority Board of Commissioners is a six member Board appointed by the Mayor of the City of Albany. The Commissioners volunteer their time and capabilities to the Albany Housing Authority. Commissioners engage in a number of activities as they make policy and further program goals. Among them are:

  • Attending the meetings of the Board and participating in Board discussion and decisions.
  • Establishing policies on personnel, grievance procedures, procurement, admissions, evictions, and qualifications which residents must meet to remain in public housing.
  • Working with the Authority’s Executive Director and staff to ensure Board policies are applied in daily operations.
  • Reviewing and approving budgets to ensure compliance with federal and local laws and requirements.
  • Interacting with local, state and federal governments to assure that residents are well served; and
  • Nurturing positive community relations.

The Commissioners for the Albany Housing Authority are:

W. Frank Wilson,


Linda Coston,

Vice Chairman

Lou Lee

Martha Corhen

Kelly Jenkins

Sondra Aikens,

Resident Commissioner