The Albany Housing Authority (AHA) provides affordable housing known as public housing for low-income families. The affordable housing program is supported by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). It is a program for citizens who cannot afford housing on the private market.

The Albany Housing Authority is more than just a place to live for the over 2500 people who live in its 1125 apartments. We have two full time staff members dedicated to resident services, and a variety of programs and activities are made available to residents through the cooperation of several local agencies.

Because our residents generally fit the description of the target group of these local service agencies, a good working relationship has been formed in order to maximize the use of resources.

The Albany Housing Authority also works with the agencies in Albany through organizations such as the Homeless Provider’s Committee and Social Services Coordinating Council.

The Albany Housing Authority welcomes groups who want to use our neighborhoods as an area to target their support services.